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Types of Letterpress Machines

Have you ever wondered how daily newspapers are printed? Or better yet, do you have any idea
on how important the printing industry is to the world?

Although the printing industry is not given that much attention by most people at all, it is
certainly one of the most important industries in the world. The printing industry provides daily
information that millions of people from all over the world share with everyday. Moreover, it
also provides learning materials for people of all ages, gender, and race. Without the printing
industry, people who have impaired hearing conditions could not possibly receive any
information, or communicate with other people. Therefore, the printing industry has indeed
contributed to the advancement of civilization.

One of the most essential machines in the printing industry is the letterpress printing machine.
This machine is considered as the original mode of mass communication. In fact, the letterpress
printing machine is responsible for giving birth to the newspaper and other printed media forms.

Ever since the first letterpress machine was developed, there have been many improvements and
incarnations on it already. Today, the new breed of these printing machines offers many features
that enable efficient and fast printing operations.

There are three general types of the letterpress machine which includes the rotary letterpress, the
flat bed cylinder press, and the platen type cylinder press. The most commonly used among
these three types is the rotary press. The rotary press is widely used because of its efficient
production of materials in high quantity. This is probably the reason why this type of letterpress
is preferred by most commercial and specialty printing industries.

On the other hand, the flat bed cylinder press operates slowest among the three types of
letterpress machines. Basically, this machine utilizes a vertical or horizontal bed for locking the
plate onto. The plate is a very important component of this letterpress machine because it
contains the document to be copied. Unfortunately though, the flat bed cylinder letterpress
machine is not commonly used in printing industries today.

Finally, the platen type press is used in the printing and production of place cards and
stationeries. Although this press is quite old, some of these types are still used for various
printing needs.