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Textile Machinery

The clothes that you are enjoying now are products of the textile industry. Furthermore, the
linens that you put on your beds regularly are products of the textile industry as well. Practically
all types of fabric that you see are all products of this industry. Thus, it is not surprising why the
textile industry is considered as one of the major industries in the world today. After all,
clothing is one of the basic needs of man, such that the production of clothing is definitely very

Textile manufacturing includes the basic conversion of fiber into yarn, into fabric, and finally
into textiles. Textiles are the raw materials for clothes or any other aircrafts. However,
transforming yarn into fabric and textiles is not that simple at all. There are a number of
processes that have to be undergone to produce a specific amount of fabric and textiles.
Some of the basic methods involved in the production of textile include weaving, knitting,
braiding, and lacing. Each of these methods is employed carefully in order to produce quality

On the other hand, cotton is produced by spinning yarn. The spinning machine is responsible for
spinning yarn into cotton. Basically, the main function of the spinning machine is to take the
roving, thin it, and twist it, to create yarn which is then wound on the bobbin. There are many
different types of spinning machines used in various textile industries.
One of the earlier methods of spinning is the open end spinning which is employed for creating
yarn without using a spindle. However, the design of the rotor is the most important
consideration is this type of spinning method since it is considered as the key to the operation of
open end spinning machines. Thus, the rotor is one of the most critical components of the open
end spinning machine.

Today, there are many different types of spinning machines that are available in the market.
These spinning machines are used in various textile industries which cater to standard spinning
operations, or even to special spinning operations. While these spinning machines come in
newer and more efficient designs, these are still reasonable priced, and are cost effective. To top
it all, aside from brand new units, there are also spinning machines that are available as second
hand units for small scale textile industries.